Wall Monitor
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Firmware Version 1.4.2

First Reported Install 15 Jan 2021
Most Recent Install 20 Nov 2023
Active Installs 1
Installs Today 0
All Time Installs 20
% On Firmware
-0.03 % change in the last week
Offine Firmware Download Not Available

Release Notes
No release notes found, please message Wall Monitor if you have any information about this version.

Wall Connector Model Revisions
Tesla Handle
Wall Connector versions and their revisions that have been reported running this version of the firmware. Each letter refers to a different hardware revision of the Gen 3 or Universal Wall Connector. (Some of this data may be incomplete)

Update Distribution
Wall Connectors updating to this firmware each week for the last 6 months.

Country Distribution

Download Firmware
Firmware Not Available!
This firmware version has not been made available for download by Tesla, the latest offical firmware version available for download is 23.8.2
Tesla publishes the latest offline firmware version here.

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