Press Kit


Wall Monitor is the only app to connect to and monitor your Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector, see real time readings, temperatures, lifetime statics and more.


The new Tesla Generation 3 Wall Connector for charging your electric car at home has in-built Wi-Fi and is always connected to the internet. Outside of the USA the Wall Connector comes with a CCS2 plug and can charge any electric car, not only is it the best at home charging solution for Teslas it's also often the best at home charging solution for any EV. However not only does it not show up on the Tesla app, there is no web interface (after commitionsing) and there is no way to monitor its current state or check meter readings.

Now with Wall Monitor you can directly connect to your Wall Connector, to monitor its status, check meter readings and much much more.


  • See all Wall Connectors available properties,
  • Firmware change alerts,
  • Wi-Fi reports, see when your Wall Connector has weak Wi-Fi,
  • Lifetime statistics,
  • Monitor changing plug temperature, check for overheating,
  • See all available vital information,

This app only works with Tesla's Gen 3 Wall Connector running the latest firmware, and while connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Press kit contains high-resolution Wall Monitor logos and a collection of product screenshots.

Please feel free to use these in an editorial context.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]