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All Firmware Release Notes
Below are all firmware release notes recorded by Wall Monitor for Tesla Gen 3 and Universal Wall Connectors. Unofficial Release Notes are not created or maintained by Tesla; they are generated using feedback from Wall Monitor's users and details discovered in Wall Connectors firmware. If you have any information about any firmware, please message Wall Monitor Support. If you are looking for the release notes for Wall Monitor, check What's New for more information.
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024

Unofficial Release Notes:

In this version, multiple fault codes have been eliminated, including 58 Chc Firmware Update Succeeded. This suggests that this update addresses the issue of Universal Wall Connectors erroneously displaying fault codes 58 & 48.

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

Unofficial Release Notes:

It has been reported that this update fixes an issue with communication with non-Tesla vehicles, specifically with the Ford Mach-E on the J1772 Wall Connector. Previously, the Mach-E would fault when connected, but it would work if immediately reconnected. Now it works the first time.

Thursday, Aug 24, 2023

Unofficial Release Notes:

The Tesla app will update your Wall Connector to this version when adding your Wall Connector to the Tesla app for the first time. This version supports the new Universal Wall Connector and provides support for adding Wall Connectors to the Tesla App in more countries.

This update also contains 10 new fault codes mostly related to the Universal Wall Connector universal/magic/smart adapter, and has been made available to Wall Monitor to decode in the app.

An unofficial firmware download for this version has also been made available by Wall Monitor below.

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

Unofficial Release Notes:

Firmware contains references to RS485 and might support load-sharing over RS485 instead of Wi-Fi, this could enable Wall Monitor to work with all Wall Connectors in load-sharing. Testing required.

It has also been reported that there is an issue where charging may occasionally get interrupted and restart automatically. This issue may have been introduced in firmware version 22.45.1. Tesla is aware of this issue, and it is currently under investigation.

This firmware version also contains 5 new fault codes including RS485 fault.

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022

Unofficial Release Notes:

Reported to fix issues when attempting to charge non-Tesla vehicles (possibly introduced in 22.33.1).

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021

Unofficial Release Notes:

Supposedly charging current sharing with up to 6 stations

Saturday, Nov 27, 2021

Unofficial Release Notes:

The most important function is probably the additional restriction of vehicles to 'Authorized Teslas Only'

Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Unofficial Release Notes:

Adjustment of a power control possible

Friday, Sep 10, 2021

Unofficial Release Notes:

Apparently the first performance control functions.

Sunday, Jan 31, 2021

Unofficial Release Notes:

Tesla Wall Connector Now Lets You Control What Vehicles Can Charge

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