Release Notes
16 April 2023

Added exporting charging history data Improved connection reliability and switching for users with more than one Wall Connector in the app. Enabled changing Wall Connector names event when not connected. Minor bug fixes.

17 February 2023

New Feature Energy Recording! - Wall Monitor will now record your charging history by day. - Energy Recording in Wall Monitor is still in 'Beta', above data recordings are only to show the app is recording data, features like charts, insights, and reporting are still in development, and will be a premium feature. - Wall Monitor will only record data when the app is open and connected to your Wall Connector, as a result the date of energy use may not reflect the actual date of energy use. - For best results open the app and connect to your Wall Connector after each charging session.

13 February 2023

Fix issues related to purchasing Premium.

3 February 2023

Improve communication between app and wall connector, and provide better error descriptions.

2 February 2023

Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks.

26 January 2023

Minor bug fixes and added links to FAQ/about to add explanations about technical information.

21 January 2023

Error code descriptions! Wall Monitor will now tell you what error codes mean, you no longer need to guess what error code 43 is or what the flashing lights on the front of your charger mean! Thanks to everyone who has participated in Wall Monitors data sharing. Also added support for adding Wall Connectors using ports/port forwarding. Don't forget to check out the new and improved Firmware Tracker.

18 January 2023

Updated: * Added links to updated firmware tracker and firmware details * Updated lifetime MWh to also show kWh for more granularity * Minor bug fixes Thanks for all the great feedback Andy

12 December 2022

Improvements to energy calculation, thanks for all the feedback hopefully this has been fixed

3 December 2022

fix displaying incorrect energy when charging.

30 October 2022

Improve support for smaller screen sizes.

23 October 2022

Fix issue where some wall connectors will send bad lifetime data.

13 October 2022

Improvements to charts: * Fix incorrect kW displayed, * Correctly display when no data is recorded, * Show X axis labels, * Allow rotation to landscape on iPhone for larger charts, Fix issue where switching wall connectors would remove wall connector from app.

27 September 2022

Improve connection reliability and charts recording duration.

23 September 2022

Fixed issue where app will not work when it received bad data from your Wall Connector.

20 September 2022

* Added exporting raw data in JSON or CSV * Added support for adding multiple standalone wall connectors, only leader wall connectors can be added when using load sharing. * Added option to change the duration of data displayed in charts. * Minor bug fixes

9 September 2022

Support for iPads and new devices, and minor bug fixes

19 August 2022

Improve charging details

17 August 2022

* New charging card to get a quick overview of charging status and energy use. * Charging cost estimation * Minor bug fixes

8 August 2022

minor bug fixes

4 August 2022

* Added new Firmware Tracker * Added new firmware available alerts * Added warning if a temperature sensor may be faulty * Minor bug fixes

29 July 2022

Improve reliability when trying to connect to your Wall Connector

28 July 2022

* Added new charts page, now you can see the last 10mins of data for quick insights into your Wall Connector. * Bug fixes

25 July 2022

Minor bug fixes

24 July 2022

Minor bug fixes to make it easier for you to connect to your Wall Connector.

23 July 2022

Initial release