Lost your Password/QR code?
Finding you QR code or Wi-Fi password

If the Quickstart guide is unavailable and you cannot locate your password, use the Tesla diagnostic tool; have your Tesla part number and Tesla serial number available.

Or alternatively, at your own risk, you can find the backup QR code inside your Wall Connector using the steps below.

Where is it located

The QR code for your Wall Connector can be found in one of three possible locations.

  1. On the Quick Start Guide that came with your Wall Connector.
  2. Using the Tesla diagnostic tool.
  3. On the inside of your Wall Connector.

Accessing backup internal QR code

If you have lost the Quick Start Guide that comes with your Wall Connector, you can find your QR code on the inside of your Wall Connector.

This can be done by turning off the power to your Wall Connector, removing two screws at the top and bottom, and pulling the Wall Connector off the base plate.

Note: It's the users responsibility to make sure this is done in a safe manner, and Wall Monitor takes no responsibility for any damage caused removing your Wall Connector, if you are unsure how to do this, ask a registered electrician to assist you.