Lost your Wall Connector Password/QR code?

Finding or Recovering Your QR Code or Wi-Fi Password

If you are attempting to connect to the temporary Wi-Fi of your Tesla Gen 3 or Universal Wall Connector but are unsure of the password or Wi-Fi SSID, you can utilize one of the three options below to retrieve this information:

Picture indicating the locations of the QR code

  1. Refer to the Quick Start Guide included with your Wall Connector (as illustrated above).
  2. Utilize the Tesla diagnostic tool by providing your Tesla part number and Tesla serial number.
  3. Locate the information on the inside of your Wall Connector (as depicted above).

How To Find Your Backup Internal QR Code

Instructions demonstrating how to remove the wall connector

If you have misplaced the Quick Start Guide accompanying your Wall Connector, you can retrieve a backup copy of your QR code from the interior of the connector. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power to your Wall Connector.
  2. Remove the two screws located at the top and the two screws located at the bottom.
  3. Gently pull the Wall Connector off the base plate.

Image indicating the internal QR code location

Your backup QR code and Wi-Fi credentials can be found on the inside of your Wall Connector, as shown above.

Note: Users are responsible for ensuring the safe execution of this process. Wall Monitor assumes no responsibility for any damage caused during the removal of your Wall Connector. If unsure, seek assistance from a registered electrician or use the Tesla diagnostic tool.

Saving Your Recovered Password

Scanning QR Code

After you have recovered your Wall Connector's Wi-Fi name and password, you should immediately back it up to Wall Monitor using Wall Monitor's Password Backup feature, ensuring you never lose your password again.