New App Update 1.10.0: Energy Recording!
Energy recording beta added to Wall Monitor in the latest update.
New App Update 1.10.0: Energy Recording!
February 17, 2023

Tesla Wall Connectors are one of the most popular home charging solutions for Tesla owners, and the Wall Monitor app is an essential tool for monitoring and managing your charging sessions. Recently, the app has received a significant update, which includes a highly anticipated feature: Energy Recording!


With this new feature, Wall Monitor will now record your charging history by day, providing you with valuable insights into your energy usage patterns. However, it's important to note that Energy Recording in Wall Monitor is still in beta, and some features, such as charts, insights, and reporting, are still in development and will be a premium feature.

It's also worth mentioning that Wall Monitor will only record data when the app is open and connected to your Wall Connector. As a result, the date of energy use may not reflect the actual date of energy use. For the best results, it's recommended that you open the app and connect to your Wall Connector after each charging session.

While the new Energy Recording feature in Wall Monitor is still in beta, it's already providing valuable data for Wall Monitor users. So, stay tuned and check back soon for updates about the energy recording beta, as well as any other exciting Wall Monitor updates or Wall Connector news.

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