Firmware Version 23.8.2 for the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector
Tesla has released a new firmware version 23.8.2 for the Gen3 Wall Connector, with the addition RS485 protocol which could improve hardware load-sharing.
Firmware Version 23.8.2 for the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector
April 14, 2023

After inspecting the firmware, we have discovered that the new firmware version 23.8.2 for the Gen 3 Wall Connector now contains several references to the RS485 protocol. This could mean that Wall Connectors can now or will soon support RS485 for load-sharing, resulting in a more reliable charging experience when using load-sharing.

About RS485


Using RS485 could allow Wall Connectors to communicate using a hardwired connection instead of relying solely on Wi-Fi. This could result in a more reliable charging experience when using load-sharing, or enable load-sharing between two or more Wall Connectors that are not within Wi-Fi range. Additionally, this may allow users of Wall Monitor to add all their Wall Connectors to the app when using load sharing, not just the leader wall connector.

It's important to note that while the new firmware version 23.8.2 contains references to the RS485 protocol, not all Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connectors may support this feature. The RS485 terminals are located on the inside of the Wall Connector (as shown above), but components may not be populated on some versions of the Wall Connector.

RS485 is a popular protocol used in industrial automation, HVAC, and telecommunications systems. It allows for bidirectional communication and enables multiple devices to communicate with each other using a single pair of wires. It has a longer range and is more immune to noise and interference compared to other protocols, making it an excellent choice for applications that require reliable communication over long distances.

New Error Codes

This firmware version also includes five new error codes, including codes related to RS485. These error codes have already been added to Wall Monitor, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may occur with their Wall Connectors.

However, it's worth noting that since updating to version 23.8.2, a large number Wall Monitor users have reported RS485 faults.


The new firmware version 23.8.2 is in wide release and is available automatic updates and for download. The majority of Wall Monitor’s users are now running this version.

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