Wall Monitor for Tesla Wall Connector
With Wall Monitor, you can connect to and monitor your Wall Connector with ease. See real-time readings and temperatures, and track your Wall Connector's performance over time with lifetime statistics. Wall Monitor even allows you to decode error codes and diagnose faults, so you can quickly and easily address any issues that arise. Keep your Wall Connector running smoothly and efficiently with Wall Monitor. Try it today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a well-monitored charging system.
Detailed Information
See current session information, like duration, temperatures, and power used.
See the temperature of the wall connector and charging plug.
See all realtime voltage and power messurements.
Got an Error? No Problem.
Flashing Red Light?
Connect to Wall Monitor and get a simple explanation about the error.
About to Fail?
Wall Monitor can show minor alerts and errors, and alert to failing handles or temperature sensors.
Wi-Fi Quality
Monitor you Wall Connector's WiFi signal strength, to help you improve it's internet connection.
Check that your Wall Connector is connected to the internet so it can download updates.
See total energy useage to help you calculate cost.
See how many cycles your connector and contactors have done.
App Store Reviews
Absolutely fantastic - Nev
This provides so much information that was otherwise lacking from the wall connector. I can now monitor the charging of any car plugged into the wall connector and not just my model 3. Great effort. Thanks to the developer.
A must have for all Tesla Wall Connector owners - moogman
This app is very nicely made and it boasts a ton of interesting information and stats about charging your Tesla vehicle. I can highly recommend it!.
Super Handy! - emorog
Very useful data for free. (Temperatures, voltage and most importantly, charging stats) And quite a reasonable price for the premium features! (Charts, etc).
Easy and Neat - burnout8488
Grateful for this app. Lots of cool info in a super easy, lightweight interface.
Does what is says! - tolzer178
Gives insight into the Wall Charger. Another great way to monitor power costs.